Saturday, May 15, 2010


The Maoist strike brought life in Nepal to a standstill.  As tourists we at least had a bus that would take us to and from the airport, and my hotel (Hotel Courtyard) took great care of all of their guests, they made it so easy for all of us.  But for the Nepalese people it was incredibly difficult.  They had to walk everywhere to do anything.  They only had 2 hours a day when they could buy any supplies or food.  Food was getting scarce and very expensive.  You could feel that tensions were starting to mount in Kathmandu.  Since I wasn't able to get to anyone to interview them, I decided to fly out to Pokhara with another woman at my hotel, Cat Hughes and do a little 4 day trek.  Here are a few shots from the hike, we had an amazing time, and I am so lucky to have a made a new dear friend in the process!


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  1. Beautiful shots, Carolyn...looks like something out of Nat Geographic...amazing!