Wednesday, April 21, 2010

on to India

Saturday I leave for New Delhi, India....then on to Kathmandu and home through Bahrain....the Indian embassy made me get a journalist visa with only a single entry permitted, so I have to route home from Nepal through Qatar and Bahrain.  I will spend about a day and a half in Bahrain waiting for my connection, it should be pretty cool, it's adding a bit of extra travel time, but I will try to make the best of it!  I am really psyched for India, I am super busy with meetings/shoots lined up everyday.  I will update the blog from there with pics and's going to be amazing!!!!  I also got a very clean bill of health yesterday from Dr. Dottino,  4 years cancer free!  What a way to celebrate!   


  1. Congrats, Carolyn! So exciting--takes lots of pics and would love to hear all about the food in India...Sounds like a life-changing experience....

  2. Can't wait to see your pics!!!!! What an amazing journey you're embarking on!!!! Sending you lots of love!!!!

  3. Carolyn - I am so psyched for you!! It's incredible what you're doing. Looking forward to hearing all about your adventures!