Monday, April 26, 2010

I arrived last night in my hotel at 1:00 am, woke up early and spent the day at the Rajiv Gandhi Cancer Institute and Research Center.  Dr. Arvind Chaturvedi and his staff were unbelievably helpful and gracious.  They spent the entire day showing me the around the hospital, introducing me to the staff, honoring me with a lovely lunch and most importantly providing two incredible women cancer survivors for me to photograph and interview.  The Center is a wonderful facility that not only provides absolutely top quality physicians and state of the art technology, but compassionate and dignified care for all of it's patients.  I am heading back there on Wednesday to meet with some more of Dr. Chaturvedi's colleagues, they have a few more women for me to meet with as well.

Tomorrow morning I am off to meet with Harmala Gupta of CanSupport.  She is also a cancer survivor and founded and runs one of the foremost cancer support organizations in India.  Then in the afternoon I will be working with another survivor that Harmala has put me in contact with.  She is coming to my hotel for an interview and photos.

It was 108 degrees today and a very hot non-airconditioned 45 minute cab ride back from RGCI....but Delhi is amazing!  My hotel is a quiet little enclave of 8 acres in the middle of town, but once you get out on the street it is sensory overload and I am loving it!  I just have a permanent smile on my face, the sights and sounds are exactly what you think they will be.  I can't wait to see what tomorrow brings!  Here are a couple of shots from the cab ride!


  1. I am glad you are having a great time. Have some Indian food for me!


  3. If the sounds and smells are like the colors I am surprised you haven't fallen over in a faint. I am so proud of you and this huge mission you are on. Love being able to see what you see and hear all about travels along the way.

    -Robin M

  4. What an adventure you are on! I'm so excited for you, stay cool...108 sounds pretty toasty.

  5. The pictures are beautiful and I can just see you with the perma-smile!

    I have to imagine health care in India, like lifestyle, exists in extremes. Curious to hear about that.

    Keep smiling. I'm so happy for you and so proud that you've taken this on and are finding a way to connect with people and touch their lives through your art. :)

    No water
    No ice
    No popsicles



  6. It's so sad, the story of the patient with breast cancer. Unfortunately, cancer is associated with stigma. The work patients support groups are doing is extremely valuable for families and communities because they contribute to take stigma off.

    Thank you bringing news from friends in Delhi!

    Best, Alina